Ferret colors

  1. Sable color

  2. This is one of the most commonly seen colors in domestic ferrets. Sable-colored ferrets will have the upper guard hairs of their coat in a rich and deep warm brown.

    Their undercoat will be paler, with tones of white and cream preferred for showing ferrets, but you’ll also see light golden undercoats too. Their eyes will be brown, verging on black. A sable ferret’s nose will be light brown, a speckled brown, or with a brown outline in a “T” shape.

  3. Black sable ferrets

  4. Black sable ferrets will have black to dark brown guard hairs with a white or cream undercoat. There shouldn’t be any warm tones in this coat color. Black sable ferrets should have black or very dark brown eyes, and their noses are preferably black or nearly black, but a speckled black nose is also allowed.

  5. Chocolate Ferrets

  6. Chocolate ferrets have guard hairs in a milk chocolate brown with warm tones. Their undercoat can be white verging toward golden. Chocolate ferrets will have brown or dark burgundy eyes, with pink, brown, beige, or brick-red noses. The pink nose color can also have a light brown T outline.

  7. Champagne Ferrets

  8. Champagne is the diluted version of a chocolate coat color. Their guard hairs will be a pale warm brown, with a white or cream undercoat.
    Their eyes will be burgundy tones, and either light or dark is acceptable. A champagne ferret’s nose can be pink beige or pink with a T outline in light brown or beige.

  9. Cinnamon Ferrets

  10. Cinnamon is an unusual color and can sometimes be confused with champagne. Once you look closely, you can see a distinct difference between the two! The guard hairs of a cinnamon ferret are a rich light brown with a red cast.

    This is especially obvious when they’re sitting in the sun. Their undercoats should be golden to white. As with the champagne coat color, they will have burgundy eyes that can be dark or light.

    Their nose will be preferably brick red in color, but beige or pink with a T outline in brick or light brown is also accepted. Sometimes a cinnamon ferret will have a pink nose, but this is not a preferred color for showing.

  11. Black Ferrets

  12. Black ferrets will have guard hairs in true black color. Their undercoats are white or golden. They have dark brown or nearly black eyes, combined with black noses. Sometimes their noses will be speckled.

  13. Albino Ferrets

  14. Albino ferrets have an absence of any pigment or pattern. Their fur of both the guard hairs and the undercoat will be white or pale cream. Albino ferrets have ruby red eyes and pink noses.

  15. White Ferrets

  16. You’ll sometimes see this color referred to as a dark-eyed white Pattern to distinguish it from albino ferrets. Their guard hairs and undercoat will be a white to cream color, although white is preferred for showing. A dark-eyed white ferret will have burgundy eyes and a pink nose.